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Rabi-ul-Awwal 2014 Nasheed Collection – Arabic

Welome to the blessed month of Rabi ul Awwal.

In honor of this great event, we have collected five arabic nasheeds which are available to download in mp3.

Maher Zain – Mawlaya | Vocals Only

[wpdm_file id=1]


Maher Zain – Assalamu Alayka | Vocals Only

[wpdm_file id=3]


Ahbab al-Mustapha – Mawlid Nasheed

[wpdm_file id=5]


Beautiful Arabic Nasheed – Allah Is The Most Forgiving & Merciful

[wpdm_file id=4]


Muhammad Al Muqit Rahat Nasheed – Arabic Nasheed

[wpdm_file id=2]

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  1. nikhri nikhri pyari pyari mustafa ki guftagu lyrics ye naate paak is note

  2. assalam mu alaikum mashallaha bohat parye naat lyrics hai piease send me this naat shrif lyrics if possible meethe meetha hai mere muhammad ka naam 2. karam karam mula

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